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Over the course of several years time, Attorney Holder has build a deep appreciation for the value of a strongly protected intellectual property (IP) profile. Time as an IP legal assistant with E! Entertainment (NBCUniversal) and an internship placement at the US Copyright Office shaped Attorney Holder’s commitment to advance IP rights for all. In addition, Attorney Holder offers services in areas that support the proper administration of IP rights, like contracts and brand development consulting.

Copyright Law

Copyright law protects original artistic expressions.

Trademark Law

Trademarks distinguish the source of goods and/or services from that of another good and/or service in the marketplace.

General Business Contract Services

A contract memorializes a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties.

Why Choose Attorney Holder

The Law Office of Shay V. Holder is focused on the clients’ need for a customized legal service model that provides value. 

*In cases where an hourly billing arrangement must be followed, you will receive advance notice.

The Working Process

First, schedule a time to discuss your goals and learn how The Law Office of Shay V. Holder may be able to assist you.

Next, Attorney Holder will evaluate your case and determine the best strategy to meet your goals. You will be presented with that strategy and additional information may be collected, as needed. 

Finally, Attorney Holder will formalize the scope of the legal services. Upon your agreement to the services and flat-fee billing rate, Attorney Holder will render your services.

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